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Power Outage in San Fransisco/bay area


SF Blackout: Y2K Dress Rehearsal
by Chris Oakes and Craig Bicknell , Wired News

12:40 p.m.  8.Dec.98.PST
When the lights went out Tuesday on nearly 1 million San Francisco Bay Area
residents, the blackout served as a warning of what might happen in a
society dependent upon electricity for basic services and commerce.

"This could very well be a reflection of a Y2K disaster that's not properly
managed," said Nancy Wong, a spokeswoman for the US Critical Infrastructure
Assurance Office. 

"It's another reminder of how tremendously dependent everyone is on power,"
added Peter Neumann, a critical infrastructure expert and the author of the
book Computer Related Risks. 

"It's kind of a harbinger of the Year 2000 problem. We're in practice mode
right now." 


James Glave, News Editor, Wired News, http://www.wired.com  +1 (415) 276-8430