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Re: Power Outage in San Fransisco/bay area

Sounds to me like a practice-run for Y2K.

Max Inux wrote:
> Well, we are going on hour 4 now, most of the power is back.  One group of
> 2-4 employees caused it they say.  This was admitted 3 hours later, and
> then they knew 15 minutes after it happens.. typical.  They expect to be
> back on by this afternoon
> On the Shell Building at 8:30AM
> "Building closed, no power.  Power will not be restored for 6-8 hours."
> I wonder how they knew.  The estimate is probably about right too, wierd.
> The mission village sub-station has been re-oppened, and most peoples
> power is now being revived.  Funny how 2-4 people not following procedure
> were able to shut down 4 substations.  Looks like PG&E have lots of work
> ahead to find out the cause/effect of this type action.
> Max
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