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Re: No Subject ( camera nonsense )

> I think we read a message not so long ago from a 'punk who
> spotted the prototype of these 'bomb-sniffing cameras' along
> a California highway, no?
Don't remember the date but when asked to pinpoint the thing so someone
else could actually go take a look there was no response from the
original poster. I wrote it off as babbling.

There is one device above the westbound section of 580 on the Livermore
side of the Altamont pass. About the size of a small SpectraPhysics
Laser, the surface appears solid - i.e. no visual sensor. My best guess
- radar for either speed measurement or traffic density measurement. 
Chemical sniffer - NOT. 
Radiation detector - perhaps, but I doubt it.

Best bet - traffic analysis. These counties here are always fighting
about population growth and the traffic implications. As if one stinking
town owns the entire godamned federal interstate. Little, carpetbagging
Napoleans everywhere you look. 

As for neural systems detecting illegal activity - yeah? what? Two
people talking? Looking disreputable? Having their hands *appear* to
coincide for a second? This "technology", if detected in a public place,
should be zapped and the promoters tarred and feathered*. 

*Superglue or RTV and polyfill may legally be substituted for the
traditional materials.