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Re: No Subject ( camera nonsense )

Traffic analysis is performed using wire loops in the the road. The
sensors mountend on overpasses near truck scales fulfill a different (so
far unknown) purpose.


On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Michael Motyka wrote:

> > I think we read a message not so long ago from a 'punk who
> > spotted the prototype of these 'bomb-sniffing cameras' along
> > a California highway, no?
> >
> Don't remember the date but when asked to pinpoint the thing so someone
> else could actually go take a look there was no response from the
> original poster. I wrote it off as babbling.
> There is one device above the westbound section of 580 on the Livermore
> side of the Altamont pass. About the size of a small SpectraPhysics
> Laser, the surface appears solid - i.e. no visual sensor. My best guess
> - radar for either speed measurement or traffic density measurement. 
> Chemical sniffer - NOT. 
> Radiation detector - perhaps, but I doubt it.
> Best bet - traffic analysis. These counties here are always fighting
> about population growth and the traffic implications. As if one stinking
> town owns the entire godamned federal interstate. Little, carpetbagging
> Napoleans everywhere you look. 
> As for neural systems detecting illegal activity - yeah? what? Two
> people talking? Looking disreputable? Having their hands *appear* to
> coincide for a second? This "technology", if detected in a public place,
> should be zapped and the promoters tarred and feathered*. 
> *Superglue or RTV and polyfill may legally be substituted for the
> traditional materials. 
> m

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