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Re: Global Strike to protest Wassenaar

>>Not only will Maximum Web Design (www.max-web.com) not be operating on
>>December 14, I have plenty of bandwith for a page with all the
>>participants. Would be happy to maintain it too...
>>Please e-mail me. [email protected]
>>Only serious requests -=WITH A URL=- will be accepted.
>>Will post the address to the list asap.
>The domain of openpgp.net will be down in protest on the 14th. Perhaps
>someone could design a common webpage that we all could use outlining why
>our sites are down.

If some of y'all out there would go ahead and post some of your
reasons for "striking," I'll be more than happy to air it on my
web page.  Try to post these to the list [ATTN: Sheriff] by
the 12th, or the 13th at the latest.  All such posts will be
slapped up on my web page, at the URL mentioned in my sig.  Cheers.

Love, luck, and marijuana lollipops,
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