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Re: Global Strike to protest Wassenaar

In <[email protected]>, on 12/10/98 
   at 04:36 PM, Kevlar <[email protected]> said:

>Not only will Maximum Web Design (www.max-web.com) not be operating on
>December 14, I have plenty of bandwith for a page with all the
>participants. Would be happy to maintain it too...

>Please e-mail me. [email protected]

>Only serious requests -=WITH A URL=- will be accepted.
>Will post the address to the list asap.

The domain of openpgp.net will be down in protest on the 14th. Perhaps
someone could design a common webpage that we all could use outlining why
our sites are down.

I also plan on bouncing all mail to the openpgp.net domain on that day. :)

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