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Re: Linux Encrypted File Sytem

At 12:41 PM 12/11/98 -0600, Mike Gorsuch wrote:
>Hey guys,
>I'm hoping that you guys can point me in the right direction.  I have become
>very interested in the idea of an encrypted file system, rather than
>individual files.  I read an article in the Linux Journal that talked
about how
>to give Linux the support.  Well, first I had to get the source for an older
>kernel, 2.0.30, and use the patches.  It patched and compiled fine. Next I
>supposed to patch mount.  The problem I am facing is that the mount source
>not take the patch right.  
>If anyone can help me on these two issues I would be very happy:
>1) What source version of mount do I need to use?
>2) Is there a way to get kernel 2.0.35 or later to use this support?

There is a set of Kernel patches at
ftp://ftp.kerneli.org/pub/linux/kerneli/v2.1/ . Look for the patch-int files.

Note: I have not been able to get these to compile cleanly.  It may take
some work to get them to work right.  (I know of at least one typo in
devices/block/loop_gen.c that prevents it from compiling on the patch for

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