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Re: Postcard Debates

At 08:22 PM 12/11/98 -0500, Robert Wenzler wrote:
>"Wilson, Jamie (J.R.)" wrote:
>> Back to a previous question: how do we get the public to understand the
>> concept of an "electronic envelope", the ACLU has created a PDF file that
>> prints to a brochure format explaining encryption on a level that even the
>> novice of users can understand.  It is available at
>> http://www.aclu.org/action/tools/crypto.pdf.
>Getting that concept across is a slow process. People will want to
>stay with what they are familiar with. Right now, I do not know how
>to familiarize people to accept an electronic envelope.

I think the paper letter/envelope analogy is perfectly adequate, and easily
understandable. The difficulty will be with the additional layer that must
be completed. If one of my sisters is representative of anything, it _will_
be a long, hard uphill climb.

A plugin for the gui interface that defaults to encryption for recognized
e-addy's would simplify, and enhance this effort. 


DH Key available on request

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