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Re: Mathematician-to-silicon compilers and the Law

Speaking of carrying... Can I export my theoretical
closed-source-commercial-strong-crypto-using software by printing out the
source at Kinko's, binding it, and flying out of the country? Any company
can afford to set up a 1-person shop in a variety of countries as necessary
(besides you need local ops to distribute and do tech support). Or do
F-O-Speech rights only apply to books published in quantity and that I'm
willing to let anyone read?

[I assume I haven't been paying enough attention; if was this easy then
Wassenaar wouldn't be effective.]


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From: Dutra de Lacerda <[email protected]>
>How about the best cipher of all?!? The one we carry between our ears?
>(Just proving the illegitimacy of such law attempts)