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Re: MEDIA RELEASE: Data Fellows Joins the Microsoft Security Partners Program

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Marita Nasman-Repo Blathered:

:Helsinki, Finland, December 15, 1998-- Data Fellows, the global leader in
:developing data security software solutions, has been invited to join the
:Microsoft Security Partners Program.
"Invited"?   You mean they finally accepted your application, right?

:The Microsoft Security Partners Program
:(http://www.microsoft.com/security/partners) provides customers with the
:tools and information they need to establish, test and maintain effective
:information security for their computing infrastructure. 
By providing real-life examples of how NOT to implement security
practices.  By simply purchasing these failed products (at only *slightly*
exhorbitant prices), so can learn by example: see for yourself just how
easy it is to completely botch a security directive.  Witness how
thoroughly you can mangle password encryption.  Learn what major design
flaws *really* look like!

:The program brings
:together software manufacturers, security consultants and security
:trainers, making it even easier for customers to provide robust security in
:their Microsoft Windows NT operating system-based networks.
Just as soon as it becomes available?  Oh, BTW, when *will* that be???

:Three Data Fellows products are included in the Microsoft Security Partners
I'm sorry.  But don't worry, if you keep working on it, you'll be able to
sell it to a *real* vendor someday...

:F-Secure Workstation Suite consists of malicious code detection
:and removal as well as unobtrusive file and network encryption,
Very unobtrusive, I'm sure!  Does the attacker even know it's there?

: all
:integrated into a policy-based management architecture. 
Hmmm... Somebody's been playing with their buzzword-generator again :)

:F-Secure VPN+
:provides a software-based, IPSec/IKE VPN solution scaleable for large
:corporate networks as well as remote and small office networks.
Was that IPSec/IKE, or IPSec-like?  I vote for the latter.  It's just like
IPSec, but without wasting all those nasty cycles on dumb things - like
encryption: it's *so much* more user-friendly when it doesnt [further]
slow the speed of new window open/closes...

: F-Secure
:FileCrypto is the first and only product to integrate strong real-time
:encryption directly into the Windows NT-based file system.
Could be, we already know that Micro$loth has *no clue* when it comes to
these things (Right Paul???)...

:"Microsoft is pleased to include Data Fellows as part of its Security
:Partners Program," said Karan Khanna, Windows NT Security Product Manager
:at Microsoft Corp.
Of course you are.  Micro$loth would be pleased to welcome Joseph Stalin
into the Security Partners Program.

: "This program will help our mutual customers develop and
:deploy secure solutions built on the Windows NT platform."
Just as soon as they can get Windows NT to run faster than a 6809 with 1k
of 512ns RAM and a single parallel port for IO ;-)

:"The relationship with Microsoft shows Data Fellows’ commitment to improve
:the native security of standalone and networked computers with a
:comprehensive, centrally managed suite of security services," said Risto
:Siilasmaa, president and CEO of Data Fellows. 
You're *that* worried about Micro$loth's current offerings, huh?
Personally, I'd let them fend for themselves, but...

:"Data Fellows is committed to
:providing globally available 
And this *IS* your *FIRST* priority, isn't it?

:seamless security for Windows users; security
:that is strong yet easy to manage and economical."
Great!  Let me know when it's available!

:Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
Really?  Who decided that?  Do you have any research to back up this
awe-inspiring claim?

: The company develops, markets and supports anti-virus, data
:security and cryptography software products for corporate computer
That's only because most of the private networks already know better.

J.A. Terranson
[email protected]

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