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MEDIA RELEASE: Data Fellows Joins the Microsoft Security Partners Program

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Data Fellows Joins the Microsoft Security Partners Program

Helsinki, Finland, December 15, 1998-- Data Fellows, the global leader in
developing data security software solutions, has been invited to join the
Microsoft Security Partners Program.

The Microsoft Security Partners Program
(http://www.microsoft.com/security/partners) provides customers with the
tools and information they need to establish, test and maintain effective
information security for their computing infrastructure. The program brings
together software manufacturers, security consultants and security
trainers, making it even easier for customers to provide robust security in
their Microsoft Windows NT operating system-based networks.

Three Data Fellows products are included in the Microsoft Security Partners
Program. F-Secure Workstation Suite consists of malicious code detection
and removal as well as unobtrusive file and network encryption, all
integrated into a policy-based management architecture. F-Secure VPN+
provides a software-based, IPSec/IKE VPN solution scaleable for large
corporate networks as well as remote and small office networks. F-Secure
FileCrypto is the first and only product to integrate strong real-time
encryption directly into the Windows NT-based file system.

"Microsoft is pleased to include Data Fellows as part of its Security
Partners Program," said Karan Khanna, Windows NT Security Product Manager
at Microsoft Corp. "This program will help our mutual customers develop and
deploy secure solutions built on the Windows NT platform."

"The relationship with Microsoft shows Data Fellows’ commitment to improve
the native security of standalone and networked computers with a
comprehensive, centrally managed suite of security services," said Risto
Siilasmaa, president and CEO of Data Fellows. "Data Fellows is committed to
providing globally available seamless security for Windows users; security
that is strong yet easy to manage and economical."

Data Fellows is one of the world’s leading developers of data security
products. The company develops, markets and supports anti-virus, data
security and cryptography software products for corporate computer
networks. The company has head offices in San Jose, California, and Espoo,
Finland, and branch offices in Washington, DC, Calgary, London, Paris and
Munich, as well as corporate partners, VARs and distributors in over 80

All F-Secure products are integrated into the F-Secure Framework management
architecture, which provides a three-tier, scaleable, policy-based
management infrastructure which minimizes the costs of security management. 

In addition to the products in the Microsoft Security Partners Program, the
F-Secure product line also includes the following products. F-Secure
Anti-Virus is the most comprehensive, real-time virus scanning and
protection system for all Windows platforms. It utilizes multiple scanning
engines, including F-PROT and AVP. F-Secure SSH provides secure remote
login, terminal, and other connections over unsecured networks. It is the
most widely used secure remote administration tool. F-Secure NameSurfer is
the solution for remote Internet and intranet DNS administration. Its
easy-to-use WWW user interface automates and simplifies DNS administration.

Data Fellows has customers in more than 100 countries. Its customers
include many of the world’s largest industrial corporations and best-known
telecommunications companies, major international airlines, governments,
post offices and defence forces, and several of the world’s largest banks. 

Data Fellows was named one of the Top 100 Technology companies in the world
by Red Herring magazine in its September 1998 issue. Other commendations
include the Virus Bulletin 100 % award (several times in 1998); Hot Product
of the Year 1997 (Data Communications Magazine); and the 1996 European
Information Technology Grand Prize.

For more information, please contact 

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