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Re: IP: Cell phone tapping stirs debate

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                    Cpl. Kevin Grebin/S.D. Highway Patrol: "It was the scanner traffic from his cell
                    phone that the officers picked up that enabled us to capture him."
                    A high speed chase and a cell phone conversation ends with one man in jail...
                    Law enforcement officials from both Iowa and South Dakota chased the man at
                    speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour.
                    He was wanted on a Federal warrant for drug charges.
                    K-S-F-Y's Judeka Drogt and Chief Photographer Lonnie Nichols were there and
                    have the exclusive report.
                    Natural Sound Of Arrest Being Made As It Happened.
                    32-Year old Tracy Fanning was quietly led out of a farm field 6 miles North of
                    Natural Sound Of Officers Going Through Suspect's Pockets And Finding
                    Officers found methamphetamine and two knives on him.
                    This was the successful ending to a very long night for these officers.
                    It all began in Iowa...
                    That's where Fanning was spotted by the Iowa State Patrol.
                    The chase began after they learned he was named in a Federal drug warrant.
                    He crossed into South Dakota around 11:30 p.m.
                    Fanning dumped his car at a rural home and ran...
                    As Police followed him they had no idea what they were facing.
                    Cpl. Kevin Grebin/S.D. Highway Patrol: "There was some ammo there that we
                    could not find a weapon to so we weren't sure if he had the weapon on him
                    when he took off."
                    For the next 3 and a half hours Police used dogs and spotlights to search for
                    That's not all.
                    Fanning was using a cell phone to call a contact...
                    He was hoping to be picked up...
                    Instead it was the Police that were "picking up" his conversation...
                    And his location.
                    Fanning's last phone call led officers to his hiding place.
                    Fanning was taken to the Minnehaha County Jail at 3:30 Thursday morning.

                    LENNOX CHASE FOLLOW-UP

                    Drug crimes, high speed police chases and manhunts are something many folks
                    think happen only in big cities.
                    But as we've shown you exclusively, that's not the case.
                    K-S-F-Y's Brian DeRoy takes us to the site of this morning's manhunt.
                    Betty Vanderwerf/Rural Lennox Resident: "You just don't want to go out in
                    those trees in the daytime at least until somebody else could be caught."
                    Betty Vanderwerf is still shaken about all the police cars near her rural Lennox
                    Betty Vanderwerf/Rural Lennox Resident: "It makes you feel like you don't even
                    want to take the dog out for a walk after dark, and you just want to keep your
                    doors locked."
                    Back where police finally caught up with Tracy Fanning...it was only after quite
                    a long search...
                    The suspect was running for a long time including back over in an area near
                    Betty Vanderwerf's house.
                    They located Fanning just behind some trees is where Betty Vanderwerf lives.
                    Betty Vanderwerf/Rural Lennox Resident: "Hopefully you don't think he's a
                    killer out on the run, he's just getting away from authorities for his problem."
                    Things are quiet in downtown Lennox.
                    But the talk in the grocery store is how close the armed suspect was to town.
                    Verg Musch had his doors unlocked Wednesday night.
                    Verg Musch/Lennox Resident: "Grew up in the country and from there into a
                    small town like this, I would imagine most of the people don't."
                    Well, maybe not.
                    Brian DeRoy/Dakota First News: "How many of you lock your doors at night,
                    raise your hands...most of you."
                    Lennox Resident #1: "We just always do, I don't know, always have."
                    Lennox Resident #2: "I'm on the highway and I'm just afraid if I'm alone at
                    Back outside town, Betty won't be taking country living for granted anymore.
                    Betty Vanderwerf/Rural Lennox Resident: "It just kind of goes to show when
                    you go to bed at night, lock your doors."
                    A reality no matter what your address.
                    Lennox is still a pretty sleepy place.
                    The town has only three full-time Police officers.

So was it really intercepted cell phone traffic on a police 
scanner, or did they get his location from the cell phone 

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> Cell phone tapping stirs debate
> WASHINGTON -- Law enforcement officials say they need to
> know where a suspected criminal is when he makes a cellular
> telephone call. Federal regulators are proposing to give them the
> capability to find out.
> ...