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Holist comments

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At 5:59 AM -0800 12/15/98, holist wrote:

>Well, just imagine those one-day strikes becoming a kind of craze on the
>Be honest now, you could do with one day a week when you simply avoided the
>frizzy screen, perhaps even two (heard about two-day week-ends, pal? When I
>went to school in seventies Hungary, we were allowed off every second
>Saturday as a great favour!)
>People could use their leisure-time, their time off-line, as capital, just
>by timing it with a little care! Boycott-brokerage! You'd be borrowing the
>muscle of the entire network: after all, they'd not be kind to anyone who
>somehow or other pissed customers off enough to drop network traffic by 10

Now you're moralizing that we should use the Net less. A rehash of the old
"some of us have a life" cliche.

If you wish to be off the Net once a week, go for it. Just don't confuse
this with either having a life or making a politically interesting point.

--Tim May

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