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Connect Free    Newsletter  November/December 98

Connect FREE would like to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous New Year

Welcome to Connect Free, and thank you for joining our service, we hope you
find our third newsletter informative. September and Octobers Newsletter
can be viewed on our web site at the bottom of the FREE Internet page.

Connect FREE would like to apologise for Novembers Newsletter not being
sent out. We were waiting for the upgrade to the Connect FREE network to be
completed and the launch of the new services.



As mentioned in our last newsletter, Connect FREE has now doubled itís
network capacity,  no more engaged tones and a faster connections to the
Internet. We have added another 2MB of bandwidth to our network and twice
as many modems and lines.

Connect FREE can NOW offer V90 connections and is the first FREE ISP to
offer 128K ISDN connections.

For 128K ISDN, please dial 0845 662 1406
For V90, please dial 0845 662 1506

For customers that connect through Aardvark the number will be
For 128K ISDN, please dial 0845 662 1409
For V90, please dial 0845 662 1509

Connect Free is aiming to be not only the first Internet Service Provider
to offer FREE Internet access but also the Best 


POP 3 & SMTP Mail

Connect FREE is proud to announce the launch of it's E-mail Service.

Connect FREE customers can NOW receive UNLIMITED POP3 e-mail addresses,
individually password protected.

Example e-mail address: [email protected] and
[email protected]

Sending emails can only be done via a Connect FREE dialup, however you will
be able to receive your mail from any other ISP's dialup account.

For your Connect FREE e-mail addresses, please go to
Coming shortly, FREE Web space


Changing your Details on Line

Connect FREE has designed a web page so you can alter your details on-line,
for example change your email addresses and contact details.

To update your details and add additional e-mail addresses please go to


Games Server

The Connect FREE Games Server has been upgraded and is better than ever
before, it also includes Quake II as well as Quake. Please check out the
bulletin board on the Games Web Page for dates on matches.


FREE Software/FTP Web Site

Connect FREE has become a mirror site for TUCOWS, which will be available
very shortly.

What is TUCOWS?
TUCOWS is the UK premier FTP web site for FREE PC Internet software, and
because Connect FREE users will be able to connect direct to the server at
Connect FREE, bypassing the Internet, meaning downloads will be a lot faster
then you have ever seen before. The site is also updated on a daily basis, so
the latest upgrades are always available. Software available to download
includes Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mail packages, FTP software, News hosts.

You name it, we got it, and it is all for FREE!


Premium Rate Telephone Technical Support

Connect Free has launched it's Premium Rate technical support line on 0890
900 0050, sorry but all calls are charged at 50p per minute. The reason for
charging 50p per minute is because the Internet connection is
free and we need to cover our overheads and staffing cost for the technical
support lines, however we are cheaper than most of our competitors. E-mail
technical support is still available, obviously this is only useful when
you can connect to the Internet. (Please ensure you include you Login ID
with any communication)


On-line Technical Support

If you can connect to the Internet it might be worth while checking out
Connect FREE has designed a very comprehensive technical support web page,
which covers a vast amount of topics. Ranging from how to connect and
configure Mail, FTP, IRC, CHAT and Browser software to how to design a Web
Site and there is some useful tips on solving problems (Well worth a LOOK)

Support for MS Windows 3.11 95/98 NT, Apple Mac, and Linux


The New Connect FREE Portal

Connect FREE are proud to announce the launch of the Connect Free Portal
site in association with 2b.
A Fantastic site for up-to date News, Weather, Lottery Results, Shopping,
Entertainment, Sports and Music.
Need a map of any area within the UK, no problem, enter a postcode to
receive a map of the area you intend visiting. Searching for a service or
where to-go in any area, could not be easier with
the Connect FREE Portal.

Visit www.connectfree.2b.co.uk



For all those users out there, who have signed up with FreeServe and would
prefer to have the option of which ISP you dial into or maybe have several
connections to different ISPís. FreeServe have now decided to offer anyone
with a FreeServe connection the ability to uninstall your FreeServe software.

Check out http://www.freeserve.net/support/cserve_uninstall.htm


Proxy Server:

We are still receiving calls on our help line regarding Proxy server
settings. Connect FREE does not currently have a Proxy Server, and if your
software is configured to look for one then you will go nowhere. If you find
that you can connect to our servers without a problem but then find that
when you launch your browser you cannot access any web pages or performance
is very slow, then you probably have the Proxy Server setting enabled. To
Disable (Win95/98): Control Panel, Internet, and Connection, Un-tick the
Proxy Server settings.



Wouldn't your child, grandchild, godchild, nephew or niece just love a
personal call from Santa this Christmas?

In association with the Variety Club we are asking our users to visit their
Santa Calls Web site. The idea is that mums and dads can enter the details
of their children i.e. names of pets and things they would like for
Christmas etc and then Santa actually phones the child and has a chat. The
kiddie is totally convinced because Santa is armed with all their details -
and who knows little Johnny might just clean that hamster out a bit more
often when he knows Santa is watching! Visit Santa Calls at



Connect Free would like to hear from you, if youhave any suggestions on how
we may improve our service, or adding more content to the Connect Free web

It is Connect Free policy not to send unwanted rubbish by e-mail or junk
advertising by any other means. All we ask is that you receive our monthly
newsletter informing you of any changes to the service and any new service
that may come available which you may benefit from.


Contact us at   [email protected]

Telephone: 0870 742 1111 (Calls charged at the current national call rate)