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McAfee has announced that they are giving away the commercial version of PGP 6.0.2 for free for a limited time.  It also includes PGP Disk, which creates virtual encrypted drives.  PGP 6.0.2 also claims to have anti-TEMPEST protection, by using a special font.  My question is: what's the catch?

It is a fact that Network Associates (McAfee's owner) is a member of the Key Recovery Aliance.  Is the decision to give the software away part of something that's not being said (i.e. reduced security) or did I spend $39.99 on PGP and an additional $39.99 on PGP Disk for no reason because it would become available for free two weeks later?

And, has anyone tested the anti-TEMPEST features in PGP 6.0.2?