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[CTRL] The Siege: PsyOps Movie Prepares U.S. for Martial Law

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Subject: [CTRL] The Siege: PsyOps Movie Prepares U.S. for Martial Law
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 13:06:29 EST
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 -Caveat Lector-

<A HREF="http://www.zolatimes.com/V2.42/pageone.html">Laissez Faire City Times
- Volume 2 Issue 42</A>
The Laissez Faire City Times
December 14, 1998 - Volume 2, Issue 42
Editor & Chief: Emile Zola
The Siege: PsyOps Movie Prepares U.S. for Martial Law

by Uri Dowbenko

The Siege is a slick commercial for the American Police State.

Starting with actual newsclips intermixed with movie footage, a radical
fundamentalist Muslim cleric is taken hostage. President Clinton -- out
of context -- says "I am outraged by it," a speech he made after the
Oklahoma City Bombing. Then he says, "Those who did it must not be
allowed to go unpunished." That was the stump speech for his so-called
Anti-Terrorism Bill, which didn't have a chance of passing before the
Bombing. The mix of "real" newsclips intercut with movie footage -- a
muezzin's calls to prayer and subsequent scenes of slaughter in the
desert -- makes an unsubtle direct correlation between Muslims and

Cut to Manhattan. FBI man Anthony Hubbard (Denzel Washington) has to
deal with a hostage crisis and a bus bomb which turns out to be a ruse.
His partner is Lebanese, an Arab-American named Frank Haddad (Tony
Shalhoub) who is gung-ho and acts as a translator -- until they grab his
kid and put him in the New York Concentration Camp. Understandably that
sours him on the FBI.

Soon enough there's interagency rivalry with CIA woman Elise Kraft
(Annette Bening). She tells the FBI man that "we're on the same team,"
but they both know it's a lie. He tells her "CIA has no charter to
operate domestically." Yuck yuck -- as if that ever kept the CIA from
engaging in criminal activities on US soil.

The subtext of the movie, grounded in real-life history, is that CIA
financed and trained indigenous "rebel" movements around the world, then
unceremoniously betrayed them when US policy changed. The betrayed CIA
"terrorists" then typically returned to US soil becoming pawns in
elaborate spy agency games, which most recently resulted in the New York
World Trade Center Bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Later, in a flash of realization about her own culpability, the CIA
woman says to Samir (Sami Bouajila), one of the suspected "terrorists":
"Don't tell me we financed your operation?" He smiles disbelievingly at
her naivete.

Disinformation rules in The Siege. Here are the most obvious propaganda

1. Demonizing the Militia. Continuing the mainstream-media propaganda,
Denzel Washington asks his fellow feds in the FBI office, "You think
it's militia?" "Not their style," they answer, as if most militas were
capable of "terrorism" without the active participation by undercover
CIA, FBI, or BATF agent provocateurs.

2. Demonizing the Internet. "Everybody on the Internet knows
explosives," says Washington, spreading the lie about how the Internet
is a tool of subversion and therefore must be controlled. Department of
Justice has lobbied long and hard for anti-internet, anti-cryptography

3. Demonizing Cash. "Where does a guy like you come up with ten thousand
dollars?" the FBI man berates the Arab suspect, implying that cash
anywhere is immediately suspect. According to US State Propaganda, only
"terrorists" or "money launderers" use cash. This reinforces the
suspicion in moviegoers' minds that only "criminals" would have any
concerns about privacy.

General Devereaux (Bruce Willis) takes over when a state of emergency
and martial law is declared in Manhattan. There's a couple of throwaway
lines -- complete with requisite handwringing -- about Posse Comitatus
-- the law which mandates that US troops can not be used against US
citizens -- and how President Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, an
unchallenged precedent for martial law.

Willis says "We can't go in until the president invokes the War Powers

Does that mean the country is still operating under war and emergency
powers? Dr. Eugene Schroeder's controversial book Constitution: Fact or
Fiction (Buffalo Creek Press, PO BOx 2424, Cleburne, Texas 76033)
explains this provocative thesis. He says that the reason why the US has
gone downhill, becoming in essence an unconstitutional dictatorship, is
because "since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of
declared National Emergency," according to Senate Report 93-549.

The Siege is really a turf war -- not between gangs -- but between Feds.
It's FBI vs. CIA vs. National Security Council vs. America. The civil
rights context -- Is martial law justified? Under what circumstances? --
is merely window dressing for the real question -- How will the Feds
split up the country?

The movie shows that escalating acts of "terrorism" in America are
eerily similar to the Reichstag Fire in pre-WWII Germany, a rationale
for a totalitarian-state power grab. In America, it would simply be the
pretext for dispensing with that pesky US Constitution altogether.

Willis finally says, "I am declaring a state of martial law." US
soldiers invade Brooklyn. Lines of camo-clad grunts march across the
Brooklyn Bridge, while Humvees patrol Wall Street. After capturing an
Arab suspect, Willis says, "The time has come for one man to suffer to
save hundreds." That's his rationale for torture.

The FBI man says, "Bend the law. Shred the Constitution. If we torture
him, everything we fought for is over," implying speciously that the
"terrorists" will win. As if... as if New York Police brutality has
never been committed. As if CIA atrocities were never done. As if FBI
criminal behavior was never covered up.

Reinforcing the bogus cover story of a "truck bomb" blowing up the
Oklahoma City Federal Building, there's -- you guessed it -- a truck
bomb in The Siege which destroys One Federal Plaza in New York.

David Hoffman's indispensable book The Oklahoma City Bombing and the
Politics of Terror (Feral House, 2532 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 359, Venice,
CA 90291, 800-788-6246; $18.95) demolishes this fraudulent theory and
dissects the elements of another US Government covert ops gone bad.

In his ground-breaking 509-page book, Hoffman describes the the stewpot
of CIA, FBI, BATF, Neo-Nazi, Arab, Israeli, and German intelligence
operatives, as well as the US Government's ludicrous "Single Bomb
Theory." Like Arlen Spector's infamous "Single Bullet Theory" about the
bullet which made a U-Turn inside President Kennedy's body, this
"fertilizer bomb theory" is just as dopey. Fertilizer - - as in BS -- is
the theory's primary ingredient.

Director Ed Zwick specializes in making Establishment-propaganda movies.
Glory was about African-Americans brainwashed to fight the Civil War.
Courage Under Fire was about all kinds of Americans brainwashed to fight
in the Gulf War. Denzel Washington's a veteran; he's been in both

In The Siege, Zwick cranks up the xenophobia. Despite its pretensions as
a politically-correct parable for "tolerance," The Siege demonizes both
Arabs and Muslims. Zwick and film producer Lynda Obst have made a movie
which is state-of- the-art PsyOps for the masses. Psychological
Operations (PsyOps) is a military term for non-lethal warfare. It's just
masquerading as "entertainment."


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