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RE: I must admit. . .

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In <[email protected]>, on 12/18/98 
   at 01:26 AM, "Marcel Popescu" <[email protected]> said:

>> I for one would like sendmail integrated with PGP. For example:
>> sendmail asks receiving server if it has PGP, and please give 
>> your public key, I have mail for you.. Then send the e-mail 
>> encrypted, while the receiving sendmail decrypts it and delivers
>> forwards. This is not very effective, but it would help some.

>I think this is a great idea. First time I'll play with making a POP
>client (an idea that appeals to me once in a while) I'll think about

Wouldn't it be more efficient to use TLS or SSH as an encryption protocol
between the POP3d and the POP3 client? This could also be used for
sendmail<->sendmail transactions.

This still does not address local storage on the POP3d server. I am
looking to setting up procmail to automatically PGP encrypt incomming
messages and the forwarding them to a local account so even if the sender
does not have PGP once the message is received by the PGP mail forwarder
the messages will be PGP encrypted (I have had several people contact me
looking for solutions to ISP's snooping on their mail without relying on
the senders using PGP).

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