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RE: Clinton Attacks Iraq

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> Sent: Thursday, December 17, 1998 1:04 AM
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> Subject: RE: Clinton Attacks Iraq
> Was it my imagination, or did the T'Hawk strikes pause for 
> Bubba's speech?
> It seemed like they were coming into Baghdad every half hour, like
> clockwork, but they seem to have skipped one half-hour's 
> worth when Bubba
> was on the air. 

By the order of the new Joint Chief of Staff, the newly commissioned Nielsen
rating system, the bombings were halted due to most targets being pointed at
the White House for Clinton-mania by select TV viewers nationwide.  Once
Clinton was off the air the new targetting systems available at select
Nielsen homes nationwide resumed proper operation by select [email protected]
families tuning to their favorite news channels covering sites in Iraq.

Unfortunately a select number of viewers took shine to the Iranian Embassy
causing a tomahawk's guidance system to be changed and resulting in the
destruction of mentioned structure.  This will, of course, be blamed on user
error at the next press hearing.

yours virtually forever (however long that may be),

"Wag the Dog" was just the beginning...