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Re: [CTRL] Fwd: DNA Sample with Every Arrest

> Safir said a suspect's DNA sample would be destroyed if he were 
> acquitted or cleared.

Indeed, the innocent have very much to fear.  Had Safir intended the above to
be true, there would be no need to take the samples during the initial arrest
of every person, only in those cases where it was necessary.

And what will be the penalty for not destroying the DNA samples when the
victim is acquitted or cleared?  (Indeed, victim no longer applies to the
person hurt by the alleged criminal, now the alleged criminal is also a

So what's next, randomly arresting people driving through an intersection and
then releasing them after their DNA is in the master catalog?  Requiring DNA
samples to get drivers licenses along and finger prints too?  Having DNA
samples in your driver's license and having random check points to make sure
it matches your license?  Using DNA as SSN's?  Taking DNA samples with
vaccination?  Shades of Gataca!

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