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Re: [CTRL] Fwd: DNA Sample with Every Arrest

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Sunder wrote:

> So what's next, randomly arresting people driving through an intersection and
> then releasing them after their DNA is in the master catalog?  Requiring DNA
> samples to get drivers licenses along and finger prints too?  Having DNA
> samples in your driver's license and having random check points to make sure
> it matches your license?  Using DNA as SSN's?  Taking DNA samples with
> vaccination?  Shades of Gataca!

  Not sure where this is from but:

   "The government already has DNA samples from all US citizens, why else
    do you think they kept the copper penny in circulation?" 

  I doubt copper can really collect DNA, and even if so, how they'd
correlate it with individuals, but with public health vaccinations and
(HMO at least) medical exams, the USG has had the opportunity to
collect DNA samples of a very large percentage of the population already.