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Re: Anthrax Theatre

At 8:46 PM -0800 12/19/98, Eric Cordian wrote:
>Force hundreds of people to be imprisoned against their will, and
>injected with potentially lethal antibiotics, with one simple 25 cent
>phone call.
>LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ninety-one people were held for almost eight hours
>as a health precaution after an anonymous threat claimed anthrax had
>been released into the air ducts of a federal building.
>The people were given antibiotics and special suits to wear over their
>clothes Friday before preliminary tests showed none of them had been
>infected with the potentially deadly bacterium.
>Authorities held the people, most of them U.S. Bankruptcy Court staff
>members, as firefighters and FBI investigators tested the ventilation
>system for anthrax spores. Those tests also came up empty, said
>Jonathan Fielding, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Health
>The FBI would not release details of how the threat was delivered.

Which Cypherpunks live in or near L.A. and are involved in some way with
the Bankruptcy Court?

--Tim May

We would go to their homes, and we'd kill their wives and
their children. We would kill their families
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