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Anthrax Theatre

Force hundreds of people to be imprisoned against their will, and
injected with potentially lethal antibiotics, with one simple 25 cent
phone call.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Ninety-one people were held for almost eight hours
as a health precaution after an anonymous threat claimed anthrax had
been released into the air ducts of a federal building.
The people were given antibiotics and special suits to wear over their
clothes Friday before preliminary tests showed none of them had been
infected with the potentially deadly bacterium.
Authorities held the people, most of them U.S. Bankruptcy Court staff
members, as firefighters and FBI investigators tested the ventilation
system for anthrax spores. Those tests also came up empty, said
Jonathan Fielding, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Health
The FBI would not release details of how the threat was delivered.

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