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The "Married Lesbian Underground" (was: Re: Huffington a Fag)

[email protected] ([email protected]) wrote:

> >In fact, this is common enough that there are several "Married
> >Lesbian" discussion boards, IRC chat channels, and private mailing
> >lists where women involved in this deception swap notes, and plan
> >their strategy.
> I too have noted this scenario, of women leaving their husbands,
> getting the money and children, then coming out.  I have seen parts of
> an English (UK) book for lesbians advocating precisely that.
> Re the net forums, if you have further information/locations, etc.
> would you please send it to me at the above email address or via the
> alt.mens-rights newsgroup - even if they are just pointers in the
> right direction.
> Thank you very much.

One of them is the "Married But Lesbian" (MarBLes) mailing list
moderated by Anna Holmes <[email protected]> and hosted on the
queernet.org server.  This one is so ultra-paranoid that potential
subscribers are required to submit biographic information to the
moderator and undergo a screening "interview" of some sort prior to
being admitted to the list.  You can read more info on this lesbian
networking tool at this URL at lesbian.org:


The idea of using men as "a sperm bank with a checkbook" is really
insidious, but by the time many of the victims of this deception
find out they've been deceived and used, it's too late.  The above
URL, BTW, says that the list has a panel of six formerly married
lesbians for "support", which seems to be a euphemism for coaching.
Since marriage is a civil contract I wonder if such willful
"interference with the performance of a contract" has ever been
redressed in court.