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Re: Anthrax Theatre

Friday's debut of "Anthrax Theatre" was such an critically aclaimed
success, that another performance was given today, to an audience ten
times the size.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A telephoned anthrax threat forced as many as
1,500 people to be quarantined for several hours on Monday at two
courthouses before it was found to be a hoax.
A man called the 911 emergency line at about 11 a.m. and stated ``I
have something to tell you -- anthrax has been released in the Van
Nuys courthouse,'' then hung up, said Laura Bosley, a spokeswoman for
the FBI.
The old and new Superior Court buildings in Van Nuys were sealed off
and up to 1,500 people taken outside and isolated to determine whether
they were exposed to any hazardous materials, authorities said.
Hazardous materials crews with face masks, air tanks and protective
suits were sent inside.
``They did an investigation and nothing was found,'' said Jim Wells, a
spokesman for the city Fire Department.
No major injuries or illnesses were reported.

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