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Re: Friedman (The Younger) Sings...

On Mon, Dec 21, 1998 at 03:41:53PM -0500, Robert Hettinga wrote:
> Given the remarkable cypherpunk-like sound of Dr. Friedman, the real question
> here is, who came first, Freidman-egg, or cypherpunk-chickens?  The first
> edition of "The Machinery of Freedom" came out in the early 1980's, (83?,
> though somewhat-recently revised), yet Freidman leans heavily on post-mid-80's
> Chaum in his talk to Cato, and uses heretofore cypherpunk neology, like
> "anonymous remailers", "reputation capital", and the like. Not to mention
> actual citation of the list itself in reference to Brin's book about the
> hopelessness of all privacy.

"The Machinery of Freedom" far from being published in the early '80s
was published in 1971 and is based on writings from the late '60s.

It is very much aimed at 60s alternative types a with relaxed writing
style, anti-drug law and pro freedom line.

This book when I read it through FCS in the early '80s convinced me I was a 
libertarian.  I didn't come across cypherpunk theory until much 
later and, when I did, I saw it obviously followed libertarianism.

I am sure Friedman was well aware on how technological advances could
weaken the state and to accuse him of "copying" is facile.

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