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RE: Friedman (The Younger) Sings...

>From Bob Hettinga:

: Given the remarkable cypherpunk-like sound of Dr. Friedman, the real question
: here is, who came first, Freidman-egg, or cypherpunk-chickens?  The first
: edition of "The Machinery of Freedom" came out in the early 1980's, (83?,
: though somewhat-recently revised), yet Freidman leans heavily on post-mid-80's
: Chaum in his talk to Cato, and uses heretofore cypherpunk
: neology, like "anonymous remailers", "reputation capital", and the like.
: Not to mention actual citation of the list itself in reference to Brin's
: book about the hopelessness of all privacy.

Friedman came first, though there were others before him, in reference to the
economic philosophical side of the anarchist-type ideas.  But Friedman sometimes
contributed to the Extropian list, as I remember when I was on it, and very
likely lurked on cypherpunks, as I remember seeing a post or two from him -
perhaps only because he was copied on a question.  But he was 'exposed', so to
speak, to the cpunkish themes from either, or both, lists, and no doubt had
off-line conversations on these subjects.