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[ISN] Need help keeping your company's mail respectable? (fwd)

Thought some people might be in need of a tool like this...

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Subject: [ISN] Need help keeping your company's mail respectable?  

Need help keeping your company's mail respectable? 
By Christy Walker, PC Week Online
October 26, 1998 9:00 AM ET
IT managers looking to clean up their companies' e-mail and enforce
corporate e-mail policies can get help from several software developers. 
New releases due soon from Worldtalk Corp., SRA International Inc. and
Content Technologies Inc.  will augment the basic management capabilities
found in mainstream e-mail packages such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft
Exchange, adding features such as content control, archiving, security and
virus scanning. 
Worldtalk, of Santa Clara, Calif., early next year will roll out an
upgrade of its WorldSecure Server that will allow users to control e-mail
content, scan for viruses and enforce archive policies on internal
messages as well as messages moving between the company and the public
The new release, Version 4.0, will monitor mail moving across the internal
network. The current version, 3.2, sits at the gateway level and only
scans messages between the company and the Internet. 
Another tool, Assentor, from SRA, uses a natural language search engine to
automate the scanning of e-mail messages for inappropriate content. 
Assentor 1.2, which is due by early next year, will include the ability to
route messages based on the word patterns found in an e-mail message.
Version 1.2 will also be able to look for specific word patterns based on
the requirements of individual groups, said officials of the Fairfax, Va.,
Assentor is widely used by securities companies that are required by the
Securities and Exchange Commission to closely monitor e-mail and other
client communications. The product helps reduce the numbers of messages
that branch managers and compliance officers must review, SRA officials
Assentor uses MIMEsweeper, e-mail scanning software from Content Technologies.
Content Technologies, meanwhile, plans to boost MIMEsweeper with the
ability to deal with encryption. Version 4.0, due early next year, will
support message decryption so that MIMEsweeper can scan encrypted messages
for content such as viruses, said officials at the Kirkland, Wash.,
In addition, Content Technologies will roll out a MIMEsweeper add-on
module next month that scans both inbound and outbound messages for
offensive language. 

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