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Context Magazine interviews with Moore, Metcalfe, and Coase

Well, I don't know about *heroes*. I mean, Tom Swift, or the Grey Lensman,
were *heroes*, right? ;-).

Still these are some good interviews, in complete keeping with the topic of
my last pico-rant.

Metcalfe talks about micromoney, even what looks, facially, like a
georecursive market. Sans digital bearer transaction settlement, of course,
but they'll all learn... :-).

Also note where Coase guess that transaction costs (not just settlement and
clearing, but the whole information enchelada of finding products, etc.)
might come to 45% of GDP, or $4.5 trillion for the US alone.

Stuff like that is why I say that digital bearer transactions will be the
dominant value transfer technology of the coming geodesic economy.


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