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Re: Polish Telecommunications


Last week I did a USIA (think Voice of America) video broadcast to Poland,
and delivered a speech to Polish journalists about Y2K. The consensus among
them and the US embassy staffers who facilitated the discussion was that
bigger companies might be okay and smaller ones wouldn't. But since (the
journalists told me) the Polish people are used to hardship, it wouldn't be
as big of a deal as it would be in the US.


Washington, DC

At 02:17 PM 12-23-98 +0100, Jan Dobrucki wrote:
>Polish Telecommunications [Telekomunikacja Polska, TP S.A..]
>I went to Polish Telecommunications on the 21/12/1998 
>[na ul. Zamenhoffa w Warszawie - on Zamenhoff St. in Warsaw] 
>and inquired what was being done about the Millennium Bug. 
>What I got from a medium important chief was that there was an 
>article not long ago about it, the name of the journal escapes me. 
>She seemed pretty angry that I even asked about it. What made 
>me angry was that she didn't know what was the bloody problem. 
>Total ignorance. But I guess Polish Telecommunications are 
>going to get a kick out it when the year 2000 finally does arrive.
>Jan Dobrucki a.k.a. jdo
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