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Jury Duty

In 22 years of being qualified, I am facing my first jury duty summons as a regular employee and see no way out except to report. The old self-employment, financial burden exemption no longer applies.

Is there a good web site where I can find other legal means to recuse myself (I live in AZ), or if I do
decide to report and get on a trial, a web site on my rights to vote my conscious, aka jury nullification?

The other option is to just lie, it says the penalty is that of perjury and it seems we shall
soon have case law that perjury is no longer a crime.

Not a facetious post, I have seen posts here on this before, but never really paid attention because it didn't affect me. 

If no answers, I will resort to a search engine. But I thought this letter would get me better
quality advice.