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Re: Jury Duty

If you want to vote your conscience (if it's a drug prosecution and you
don't agree with drug laws for instance), there are a few organizations
that you might want to look at. Maybe check out http://www.cato.org/ which
last I checked had an advertisement for a new book on jury nullification
etc. on their home page.


At 08:30 AM 12-23-98 +0100, Anonymous wrote:
>In 22 years of being qualified, I am facing my first jury duty summons as
a regular employee and see no way out except to report. The old
self-employment, financial burden exemption no longer applies.
>Is there a good web site where I can find other legal means to recuse
myself (I live in AZ), or if I do
>decide to report and get on a trial, a web site on my rights to vote my
conscious, aka jury nullification?
>The other option is to just lie, it says the penalty is that of perjury
and it seems we shall
>soon have case law that perjury is no longer a crime.
>Not a facetious post, I have seen posts here on this before, but never
really paid attention because it didn't affect me. 
>If no answers, I will resort to a search engine. But I thought this letter
would get me better
>quality advice.