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Re: Jury Duty

At 7:45 AM -0800 12/23/98, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>If you want to vote your conscience (if it's a drug prosecution and you
>don't agree with drug laws for instance), there are a few organizations
>that you might want to look at. Maybe check out http://www.cato.org/ which
>last I checked had an advertisement for a new book on jury nullification
>etc. on their home page.

Simply vote "not guilty" on the charges (any or all) that one thinks are
bad charges.

Jurors are not required to "explain" their votes to anyone, least of all
the government.

Though, as with speaking to cops, it may be that the more one talks in the
jury room, or attempts to explain to the judge, the worse a hole one digs
for oneself. In particular, I'd steer clear of reading books about jury
nullification, lest one be tempted to cite case law...and thus open the
door for the judge to inquire further.

Simply voting "not guilty" gives them no grounds for contempt charges, or
whatever they usually throw at jury nullification advocates.

--Tim May

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