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Re: Good archive of AES algorithms?

> Thanks to everyone who responded to me on the AES
> archive. Most people pointed me to the counterpane.com
> web site, which is very nice and well done, and answers
> most of my questions. Unfortunately, though, Counterpane
> itself is one of the candidates, so the site may not
> exactly be unbiased. Is there any site with a similar scope
> being run by a disinterested party?

Apparently you did not see the post which directed you to
http://www.nist.gov/aes/.  This is the home page for the AES.  It has
links to independent analyses of the algorithms, as well as performance
information.  From that page we find:

Block Cipher Lounge
cAESar Project
Efficiency Testing Table
Efficiency Testing Results
Analysis from Louis Granboulan
NIST's preliminary efficiency testing results