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jury duty

At 08:30 AM 12/23/98 +0100, Anonymous wrote:
>In 22 years of being qualified, I am facing my first jury duty summons as
a regular employee and see no way out except to report. The old
self-employment, financial burden exemption no longer applies.

Your employer is not obligated to pay you during your arbitrarily-long
court slavery, BTW.

See: Fully Informed Jury Amendment 

Since snailmail is datagrams, how do they know you received their packet?

Remember that you aren't obligated to explain your reasons any more
than the barbarians are obligated to be reasonable.

>If no answers, I will resort to a search engine. But I thought this letter
would get me better
>quality advice.

I wonder if its a crime yet to refer you to FIJA.  You can get
busted in Calif for distributing FIJA materials near a court.

Don't stand out and you can accomplish more subversion.