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Re: Question about 'TEMPEST': UPS

For a new type of RF shielding consider "Flectron"
a metallized fabric that allegedly shields up to 100db. 
Originally developed by Monsanto it has recently been 
bought by Advanced Performance Materials (which 
also makes a range of EMI-related products):


Another company, BEMA, Inc. offers portable enclosures
made mostly of Flectron for TEMPEST protection, with
RF-protected doors, vents, and electrical and cable
connections. One is a walk-in, 6 x 6 x 7, weighs 125 lbs.
and fits in two suitcases for transport. And there's a desktop 
version. These are reportedly in use by NSA, other TLAs, 
the military and corporations. There's a brief description at:


The market in TEMPEST-related products is rapidly
growing. Check AltaVista under that term or, say,
NSA 65-6 and MIL-STD-285. There's more material
appearing all the time as the word gets out on the
need for RF-protection. 

We've heard from manufacturers that the demand for 
their shielding products is increasing for medical purposes 
-- some related to those dreaded signals being received 
by teeth and brain. Flectron clothing and bed shrouding 
are in the works.

To be sure, Joel McNamara's TEMPEST Web site remains 
the best of all unclassified sources: