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Re: Question about 'TEMPEST': UPS

John Young wrote:

>  We've heard from manufacturers that the demand for
> their shielding products is increasing for medical purposes
> -- some related to those dreaded signals being received
> by teeth and brain. Flectron clothing and bed shrouding
> are in the works.

Something akin to the mosquito netting draped over beds in the tropics?
I live in a mountain valley. Once mined for iron ore, compasses are
unreliable here. TV reception was limited to watching the ant races.
Radio was squelchy and drift prone. Signals could not bore through the
mountain's heart of iron. The voices went away. The sky was a vacuum,
pressure was relieved.

But lately rf has been falling from the sky, the heavy signal moisture
causes fungi, slate-grey disks, to sprout from the roofs and sides of
homes. The conditions have caused a fungal bloom. Spores rain down into
the valley, collide, bounce and ricochet into a storm.

The disease pressure is high. My head's a sensurround, Imax theater of
voices and images that never fucking stop. Surely some protective
prophylaxis is called for, maybe something as cheap as a plastic grocery
bag, but this is no guaranty. Coffins manufactured to the highest
Tempest standard may attenuate the signal strength enough to prevent
reanimation of the corpses. Bodies are sealed in composite fiber
radomes, designed to reflect and absorb the offensive radiation.  Some
choose incineration to escape the influx, mixing incinerate with
powdered ferrite to achieve some measure of final rest.