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Re: bug recipes

At 12:16 AM 12/24/98 PST, uhm, yeah.. wrote:
>>..someone describes the use of mutton for anthrax breeding..
>>The mils are already vaccinated, so anthrax is passe.  What
>>you *really* want to do is dig up a smallpox victim...
>You must have a lot of time on your hands, eh?
>- neotek

I've said this offlist twice already.

Botulism doesn't have the military appeal of anthrax, but is more easily
cultivated, disseminated, and will not result in the knee-jerk reaction
once it is diagnosed. 

The original poster did not rise to the challenge of the 24 hour time
limit, as I anticipated. My goal was to for him to justify his position, or
make him shut up.  

He sounded like Chicken Little. 

There was some noise, but no recipe from that original poster. Time out, I
rest my case. 

The link Petro posted was hilarious BTW, 


DH Key available upon request.

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