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Is Sameer/C2net Attempting to subvert the OpenSSL and Mod-ssl projects

To: [email protected]
Subject: OpenSSL and C2Nets attempted subversion of same(Sameers track record
On the Subject of Sameers record with open source

  mod_ssl.c(this was the component that Sameer wishes wasnt
available(and did his best to deny to his customers) and indeed was quite
sucessful in preventing its availability until Ralf Engleschall's mod_ssl becam
available... This is the REAL reason C2net took a nose dive...)
and now it appears Sameer is trying to co-opt that project also.

I trust Ben Laurie and Ralf... They developed the code .

I DONT trust Sameer... he is simply a privateer, he takes sources
and trys to restrict availability so he can make a profit from
Intellectual Property NOT developed by him...
I specifically suspect his announcement coming on the heels of Ben's.
I dont think this person will ever get a clue about either Open Source
or GPL.

     merry Xmas
     the baby ruth bar in the swimming pool :)