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Re: EAY, SSLeay, and Open Source (Re: [ssl-users] Re: C2Net announces OpenSSL Project)

Adam Back wrote:

> This is confusing, several people have alluded that there will be no
> future versions of SSLeay from Eric and friends.  Would someone in the
> know care to divulge the goods: why is this?
> Has Eric suffered an accident?  Been incarcerated by the Australian
> spooks in retaliation for major contributions to crypto deployment?
> Has he been bought out by the dark side (say microsoft?).  Had a major
> change of philosophy regarding open source?  EAY was amongst the
> "least likely to go closed source" I thought.
> What gives?

I seem to to recall sometime ago when he was being pressured by the Oz
Gubmint, and decided that going corporate was a decent way out.  From what
I recall, he ended up on the RSA payroll.

Sayonara buggy freeware.