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Get Your FBI Files!

Are you now or have you ever been in the FBI files?

The answer is, most likely, Yes!  Just about everyone has their own FBI file.

How do we know?  The authors did research under the Freedom of Information Act.  It shows that government agencies do not like being held accountable to the public and resist the efforts of citizens who seek information about their activities.

>>>>>>>>Starting Dec. 4, 1998, we are running a TV commercial nationwide for the following offer.  If you snooze, you will lose!  You will also see our ad in newspapers and hear it on the radio.  We expect, at some point, the FBI will knock on our door and tell us to stop selling the book because they are getting too many inquiries.  The huge demand will make it difficult for latecomers to obtain their FBI files.

First about the FBI filing system.  It was created to deter anybody from getting full information.  The FBI uses many record systems.  They created what is called "Main Files" with four classifications:
	* Personal
	* Administrative
	* Applicant (for government employees)
	* Investigative
To further confuse us, the FBI created 210 classification numbers besides the files called "Confidential," "Secret," and "Top Secret."  Here are some of the classification numbers and the categories they stand for:
	#3 - Overthrow or Destruction of the Government
	#5 - Income Tax
	#17 - Veteran Administration Matters
	#23 - Prohibition (Maybe your Grandfather is here.)
	#40 - Passport and Visa Matters
	#47 - Impersonation
	#49 - National Bankruptcy Act
	#64 - Foreign (This one is interesting.  Intelligence information about citizens of foreign countries!)
	#72 - Obstruction of Criminal Justice
	#85 - Home Owner Loan Corporation
	#162 - Interstate Gambling Activities
	#183 - Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (You know this one -- RICO.)
There is a specific system of numbering documents.  It was not easy for the investigative team to decipher and decode how the numbering relates to everyone.  Your FBI ID number most likely consists of three sets of numbers. For example:  100-15375-17
	100 - marks the document as part of a domestic security investigation.
	15375 - indicates the document investigation number.  These two sets of numbers together creates a "case number."
	17 - a numeric labeling, but to confuse everyone, it could be an incoming or outgoing document.

But, we have the solution.  An awesome publication, "FBI Files,"  is now available.  As a bonus, we created a letter for you which covers all possible requests so none of the information is missing when you get your file.

Here is how it works.  If you don't ask for it, you don't get it.  That's a LAW!  But, if you know what to ask for, you MUST get it.  That's also a LAW! Our researchers spent twenty years just uncovering what to ask for.

Today, if you ask for your file without being specific, you may be brushed off with questions as to which main file, subfile,  or some very strange, cryptic language and code names such as "Elsurs Logs," "MISUR," "TESUR," "FOIA," Document Classification Reveiw Unit known as "CRU," and so on.

Who has an FBI file?
	* All Criminals
	* Organized Crime Members
	* Government Employees
	* Celebrities
	* Foreigners who became U.S. Citizens
	* All Foreigners with Green Cards
	* Foreign Nationals	
	* Members of Interest Groups
	* Everyone involved in Counter-Intelligence
	* Black Nationalist hate groups
	* Internal Security
	* All Politicians
	* Everyone with any kind of Police Record
	* All Professionals who are fingerprinted for a specific profession -- example, Real Estate Agents
	* All Fugitives
	* Computer Hackers and Flamers

We believe that everyone today has an FBI file and that your future National ID # is going to be your FBI File number!

The book, "FBI Files," gives you detailed information on how you can obtain all files the FBI has on you.  It will also give you information how to obtain the FBI files of other people. The FBI will not release these voluntarily.  You may have to jump through some hoops to get them.  But, under the Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to get ANY information unless it is subject to national security.

When you receive your files you may be shocked to learn that your local police have a wiretap and surveillance on you.  You find out your neighbor is an FBI informant.  You may even find out your trash was picked up by the FBI and derogatory information was put in your file.

If you ever attended a "politically incorrect" meeting or political rally, you may find your picture in your file. Or if you purchased a book or magazine considered "underground," that information may be in your file. Or your neighbor may have heard you listening to a talk show considered "politcally incorrect" and may have reported you to the authorities.

Does this sound far-fetched?  We wish!  Things like this are happening every day.

Why do you NEED your FBI files?  Your future job or promotion may depend on the information contained in those files!  It is a MUST for you to obtain your files and correct any and all incorrect information before it affects your life!

NOW is the time to order.............................

"FBI Files" is 226 pages of detailed information and instructions. When you read your own FBI files, you may be shocked to learn that your local police have a wiretap and surveillance on you.  You may find out your neighbor is an informant.  You may even find out your garbage was picked up by the FBI and derogatory information put in your file.  By the way, if you find any derogatory information which is not yours but appears in your file, you can sue the government for huge sums of money!

Procrastination on your part may just keep you from being able to get YOUR FBI FILES!  Order now and avoid the rush.

Here is how to order:

Our "FBI Files" package is being offered at the Special Promotion price of $24.95 which includes shipping and handling by Priority Mail ($9.95).  You should receive your book within 7-10 days from receipt of order.  

.......Here are the BONUSES for you........
  *You will receive a letter created by our Research Dept. in which you just fill in your Name, Address, Social Security Number, and start searching for your file or files.  Depending on who you are and what may be in your file will be the measurement of how long it will take to receive all the information.  But, eventually, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

  *You will also receive an updated list of FBI field offices in the United States with their addresses.

  *We will also include a special folder in which you can store your information.

You can send us a check (takes at least 5 business days to clear) or money order.  We also accept all major Credit Cards:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

Print out the convenient order form below NOW and mail it to:

	World Net Press
	Dept. E-1224
	P.O. Box 96594
	Las Vegas, NV 89193-6594
Payment Method:  
_____ Check     
_____ Money Order
_____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
_____ American Express
_____ Discover

_____ Yes, I want to order my copy of the "FBI Files Package" which includes the Bonus letter I can send to the FBI, the updated list of FBI Field Offices, and a special folder for storing my information.  Price is $24.95 which includes shipping and handling by Priority Mail($9.95) and bonuses.




Daytime Phone (__________)___________________________________________________

E-Mail Address_______________________________________________________________

Credit Card #_____________________________________________ Exp. Date_________

Cardholder Name (as it appears on the card)__________________________________

(Please make sure you include your phone number and e-mail address in case we have a question about your order.  Your credit card billing will reflect Road to Wealth, Inc.)

If you are unhappy with "FBI Files," just return the book within 30 days of date of purchase and we will refund the price of the book less shipping and handling and a restocking fee of 15%.

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