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Re: Sammers eers Theft of Ben lauries Intellectual

Anonymous writes:

>For the clueless or history deficient
>C2 gots its start by purloining without compensation
>Ben Lauries Apache-SSL patches.... Sameer used these and then
>had the fucking gall to remove source from apache-ssl
>for the mod_ssl.c... all was rosy until Ralf releases
>a mod_ssl.c of his design... result??
>C2's business worlwide took a nose dive...(layoffs etc)
>so now Sameer is trying to coopt Ralf's mod_ssl.c project
>(mark my words if Sameer gets his way the source for future
>verions will NOT be available no matter what he says now...)
>I seen it happen once so now when the litte sob trys it
>again I am blowing the whistle...(and retelling history openly)
>how about it Sameer are you now going to Sue the Mix network:) ?
>    the turds in Sameers Swimming pool
>p.s. to the clueless Jim Finder..Happy now asshole...?

No, I'm afraid I'm not.

Could you offer either verifiable evidence of the above, or at
least back up your accusation by signing your name? Either would
be better than making an anonymous accusation that we have no
way to verify. I'm sorry I wasn't privy to what ever went on
behind the scene between C2NET, Ben, Ralf, Eric, etc., but
I think I speak for most readers when I admit that I wasn't.
Ben made a serious accusation that an important member of
the open sources and crypto community has a hidden agenda
to subvert the availability of open source crypto code. If it
is false, let this stop. If it's true, then let's shout it
far and wide, and deny them the support of the community.
Anonymous and unverifiable accusations advance neither

All I've seen so far is Ben and Sameer throwing shit at
each other, egged on by anonymous flamers, without anymone
bothering to provider enough information for an outsider to
decide how much of it should stick. Right now, all I can
conclude is that there is plenty of shit to go around.

Ben, would you please spell out your side of the story, and
Sameer, would you do likewise so that we can figure this out?
Anonymous, put up or shut up.


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