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Re: [apache-ssl] Re: Sammers eers Theft of Ben lauries Intellectual

jim finder wrote:
> All I've seen so far is Ben and Sameer throwing shit at
> each other, egged on by anonymous flamers, without anymone
> bothering to provider enough information for an outsider to
> decide how much of it should stick. Right now, all I can
> conclude is that there is plenty of shit to go around.

As in any "campaign", it appears that mud and shit are the first things
to get flung.

I'm familiar with some background and some of the issues. Unfortunately,
what we are faced with is the idea that one group wants to "own" the
concept of an Open SSL project. This is certainly not the way to start
a successful, open source, group-based project.

People are pretty astute. If they feel that one project is a sham over
the other, that it simply exists to stroke some egos or make sure
that certain people's names are mentioned when SSL is discussed, then
people aren't going to contribute. 
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