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>I'm familiar with some background and some of the issues. Unfortunately,
>what we are faced with is the idea that one group wants to "own" the
>concept of an Open SSL project. This is certainly not the way to start
>a successful, open source, group-based project.

Hey, everybody, here is a novel idea:

Why don't we look at this as a great opportunity to make some really good
free software that will make all of our lives easier.  It is time for the
free SSL implementation to move into a larger (and more continously updated)
group project.  OpenSSL is a great idea, a great name for the idea, and it
is the right time to do it.  So, how about we stop looking at this as a
pissing contest between some strong personalities?  There are alot of
talented developers on this list, and I think that we would all be better
off working together than turning into a bunch of bitter, petty, ego driven
camps that are primarily concerned with proving how large their genitals

What I am trying to say is, if (for instance) Ben and Ralph would like to
sit down for a pint and make nice with one another, I am buying.  Name the
pub, in the neutral country of your choice, and we are there.  ;-)