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Re: Forwarded mail...

Reeza! wrote:

> I agree we should be pursuing alternative energies with greater diligence,
> I'd like to see what the petroleum companies have on their shelves and are
> suppressing.

I bet there's a lot of shelf space (and mercenary funding) devoted to making
profits from Caspian Sea oil. Voluminous oil reserves, land-locked, begging for a
drainage shunt into the Black Sea, Mediterranean or Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf
heads the list except that pipelines would traverse enemy territory.

Well, well, well... Iraq has interesting possibilities. Demonize the present head
of state and his regime, use US military to soften up the resistance, incite
opposition movements, oil companies merge to fund the insurgency...  drooling over
the thought of getting in on the ground floor. Then kick back as oil flow meters
spin like slot machines that pay out every spin. We'd be stupid not to play.