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Anti-Crypto CongressCritters - FWD: And you thought it was Larry Flynt . . .

Sigh.  Plus ca change
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Subject: IP: And you thought it was Larry Flynt . . .

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I am sending you part of a note we sent to our clients a week or two ago.  I

haven't seen it in the press yet, but after it shows up in IP, the NY Times 
will be more or less irrelevant.


From:   Stewart Baker ([email protected])
    Elizabeth Banker ([email protected])

The press would have you believe that it was Larry Flynt and his 
tales of infidelity that caused the unexpected change in House leadership
month, but encryption policy buffs -- paranoid by nature and proud of it -- 
are beginning to focus on another suspect, one with more to gain.  

That's because it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation that looks like the

biggest winner now that Robert Livingston has been replaced by Dennis
Hastert as
odds-on favorite to be Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Livingston supported the industry's version of SAFE, the crypto decontrol
that died in Congress last session.  In contrast, J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL)
shown strong solidarity with the FBI on encryption issues as a member of the

House Commerce Committee.  Indeed, Hastert supported the Oxley-Manton
that would have turned the SAFE Act of 1997 (H. R. 695) into a mandate for 
domestic regulation of encryption.  And when Oxley-Manton was rejected by
Committee in favor of the Markey-White Amendment, Hastert voted against the