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Re: Anna Holmes, MarBLes, and the Married Lesbian Underground

In article <[email protected]>,
  [email protected] wrote:

> >The idea of using men as "a sperm bank with a checkbook" is really
> >insidious, but by the time many of the victims of this deception
> >find out they've been deceived and used, it's too late.  The above
> >URL, BTW, says that the list has a panel of six formerly married
> >lesbians for "support", which seems to be a euphemism for coaching.
> >Since marriage is a civil contract I wonder if such willful
> >"interference with the performance of a contract" has ever been
> >redressed in court.
> One may not be able to go after the 'support group', but there is
> legal precedence in the US allowing a person to bring action against a
> spouse who marries them with fraudulent intent.    Even if that fraud
> is marrying someone they don't love after professing love.
> OTOH, I imagine that one could include the 'support group' in any
> civil or legal action as co-conspirators.

I visited Anna Holmes' <[email protected]> (the moderator of the
Married but Lesbian [MarBLes] mailing list) website at
http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/fogbow/ and discovered that she's a
licensed shrink who lives in Birmingham, AL.  Thus, there may be
some "deep pockets" in the form of her malpractice insurance, as
well as the hosts of the mailing list itself, queernet.org.

I'm not sure what sort of other action is possible, but I'm sure if
Holmes were "supporting" the defrauding of African Americans rather
than married men, Jesse Jackson would figure out a way to bring some
pressure to bear against her and those aiding and abetting her
clandestine activities.