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SNET: Biometric National ID Card Being issued NOW and used to track people

From: [email protected]
Subject: SNET: Biometric National ID Card Being issued NOW and used to track people
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 15:03:04 EST
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Subject: [FP] Biometric National ID Card Now A Reality
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This is an important post that I feel needs circulating.  Should this be a
a duplicate for some of my listees, please disregard.  Kepi <><

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>Subject: [FP] Biometric National ID Card Now A Reality
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>[forwarded from Larry Becraft]
>By Jon Christian Ryter
>America was rightfully alarmed in late September when Representatives Bob
>Barr (R-GA) and Ron Paul (TX) revealed the fact that somehow, unbeknown to
>anyone, and for some as yet unexplained reason, the National ID Card that
>Hillary Clinton, Marc Tucker and Ira Magaziner had adroitly concealed in the
>failed Health Security Act of 1994 had somehow "accidentally" been passed,
>in a somewhat illegal and unconstitutional fashion, and was now "the law of
>the land."
>Pictured (see link below) is the actual "Healthcare Passport" card currently
>being used in three American cities. Displayed is the front and back of that
>card. This photo was scanned from the brochure used by the National
>Institute of Health to introduce the new card in a seminar in Denver earlier
>this year. The word "passport" on the card had to have been a
>tongue-in-cheek addition, since it is the precursor of the internal passport
>that will ultimately control your ability to move freely throughout this
>great land. The card is biometric. Stored on this card is the complete
>medical history of the card's owner. Also stored on the card is every
>conceivable piece of information about that person. Imbedded in the card is
>a tracking devise.
>The plan to create and implement a National ID Card, while first made
>"public" in a private White House meeting on Nov. 11, 1993 and discussed in
>a disavowed protocol that detailed the dialogue of that meeting, is not
>uniquely a Clintonoid idea even though the National ID Card first appears
>innocuously concealed in the Health Security Act as a "healthcare benefits
>card" that the First Lady insisted had to be carried by every American--even
>if they refused to be covered by the plan--under penalty of law.
>	The same card, in the form of a national driver's license, had just been
>mandated by the European Union for all of the new European States. A brief
>battle waged in Europe over the national driver's license. Most Europeans
>had experienced national identity cards in the past and realized quickly the
>new universal European driver's license was an internal passport that would
>give their new government the tool they needed to control their lives. The
>media immediately labeled those who resisted the EU driver's license as
>"globalphobes" who were against progress, and wanted to return Europe to the
>days of the cold war. They were the extremists.
>	In the United States, the Clinton's knew a National ID Card spelled
>regardless what name was put on it. However, as a healthcare card that
>provided each American with thousands of dollars of free medical care, they
>correctly surmised that the ramblings of the right wing zealots could be
>easily dismissed by the mainstream liberal media. The media did its job
>The Health Security Act was the best thing since sliced bread and peanut
>butter. According to the media, the Health Security Act would provide
>healthcare for the millions upon millions of uninsured Americans. The media
>even obliged by ignoring the obviously flawed cost assessments as well.
>Hillary demanded that Congress pass the Health Security Act without and
>changes--reminiscent of FDR's passing the "emergency legislation" that
>kicked off the New Deal without allowing members of Congress to even see the
>legislation they were voting on--and unconstitutionally granting Roosevelt
>almost dictatorial power over the United States. Congress wasn't buying.
>They read the Health Security Act. Then, they rejected it. It was, they
>declared, the most expensive social experiment in the world.
>Buried in the National Archives, in the working papers of the Hillary
>Clinton healthcare plan, was a game plan in the event the Health Security
>Act went down in flaming defeat. The game plan?  Implement another
>healthcare act that provided healthcare for children.  No one would dare
>deny healthcare to children. To introduce the plan, they called on Teddy
>Kennedy. Kennedy failed. Kennedy, they realized, was trusted by most
>Americans even less than the Clintons.
>Next they turned to Orrin Hatch, who teamed up with Kennedy and rammed the
>legislation through Congress. Healthcare for kids. Of course, everyone was
>in favor of it. Voting against it was a good way to lose an election. And,
>once the law was codified, the bureaucracy possessed the authority to simply
>expand it to include anyone and everyone.
>What was not in the legislation was funding to create a biometric health
>care card. The authority to do it was there, but not the money. For the
>money, the Clinton administration turned to the Robert Wood Johnson
>Foundation. The foundation, created by the founder of Johnson & Johnson,
>obliged and funded the experimental program which was kicked off in three
>western cities (noted above).
>What was introduced to members of the National Institute of Health in Denver
>as a card that will record the inoculation records of children, includes
>everything from DNA typing to that individual's medical, psychiatric and
>financial history. It was because the biometric card would also contain the
>psychiatric history of the cardholder that an employee of the National
>Institute of Health approached me and offered me the data that is contained
>in this report.
>In my initial meeting with the NIH employee, I was also told that this
>person had commented to a NIH executive that it was not good for the card to
>contain so much personal information that was not needed to monitor the
>rates of inoculation of the children covered by the program, since it would
>provide the government information that could easily be misused.
>At that point the NIH executive laughed and said: "What do you think we have
>do with the data we get from Medicare and Medicaid? We've been using it for
>years to apprehend and deport illegal aliens and to capture those wanted by
>the law."
>In the case of the Health Passport, which is the precursor of the National
>Driver's License that will go into affect nationwide on October 1, 2000,
>however, the is one added feature--it contains a tracking chip.
>At a recent National Institute of Health seminar, an NIH executive proudly
>displayed an electronic map created by the NIH computer technicians that
>pinpointed every Health Passport card holder in Denver, Colorado. It was a
>"living map" that would track each Health Passport card holder if and when
>they moved. Whether or not such a map had been created for the other two
>"pilot" cities is not known.
>NOTE: Before I left Washington this afternoon, I spoke for about a half hour
>with Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club, and emailed Stan a copy of the Heath
>Passport Card. Stan has additional information on this subject, particularly
>with respect to a new computer mainframe that the government recently
>installed in Denver that ties in with the information I have been receiving
>from my own source in the National Institute of Health. Apparently this is
>the planned topic for the Prophecy Club's radio talk show next Monday (and
>because it is, I will not reveal any of the revelations that Stan shared
>with me on the phone this afternoon. I would strongly urge you to visit
>Stan's website for additional information.
>A Project of the Western Governors' Association
>- Frequently Asked Questions -
>Introduction to the Health Passport Project
>What is the Health Passport Project?
>The Health Passport Project is a three-city demonstration that uses what is
>called a "smart card" to put important health-related information at the
>fingertips of mothers and their children. People participating in the
>demonstration are those eligible for care under public health programs. The
>Health Passport Project is the largest health-care demonstration in the
>United States for smart cards and will be conducted over two years in the
>cities of Bismarck, North Dakota; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Reno, Nevada. The
>project will demonstrate how people can use these electronic cards to give
>up-to-date information to their health-care providers, including physicians,
>nurses, nutritionists and early childhood educators.
>Food Retailers
>Grocers who handle thousands of checks for nutrition benefits will find the
>new system involves less paperwork, results in quicker check-out, and
>provides more timely reimbursement. The Health Passport works like a bank
>card at the check-out counter. Benefits are automatically downloaded to the
>client's card at the retailer. Distribution of WIC benefits will be
>demonstrated in Reno and Cheyenne.
>More About the Demonstrations
>Which public health programs are participating?
>Bismarck, North Dakota
>The Family Doctors, Bismarck Burleigh Nursing, WIC, Head Start,
>Immunizations, Medicaid, the Optimal Pregnancy Outcome Program, and Maternal
>and Child Health
>Bertie Bishop
>(701) 255-3397
>Cheyenne, Wyoming
>Cheyenne Children's Clinic, the University of Wyoming Family Practice
>Residency Center, Laramie County Public Health Nursing, Medicaid, WIC, Head
>Start, Maternal and Child Health, and Immunizations
>Terry Williams
>(307) 777-6008
>Reno, Nevada
>WIC, Immunizations, and Head Start
>Marty Brown
>(702) 883-6992
>Health Passport
>Information Technology: Toward a Health Card for the West
>"Congress is considering the most sweeping changes to the delivery of social
>services since the New Deal. In this environment, the Health Passport
>presents an innovative tool to help ensure the continued delivery of
>critical services to low income women and children--even as government
>sponsored programs are consolidated or eliminated. While devolution of
>authority to the states is expected to reduce duplicative federal
>administrative structures, the debate in Washington has done little to
>provide practical solutions. The Health Passport offers a tool to help
>achieve these administrative savings empowering citizens and preserving the
>integrity of services."
>Don't believe anything you read on the Net unless:
>1) you can confirm it with another source, and/or
>2) it is consistent with what you already know to be true.
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