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Re: SNET: United Nations plans SWAT team training to "control" citizens in Y2K crash

Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
> From: [email protected]

> NEW YORK -- In a stark demonstration of the global scale of the Year 2000
> computer problem, representatives of 130 nations gathered at the United
> Nations Friday to hammer out plans for dealing with Y2K.
> The ideas included setting up national and international "SWAT teams" to
> handle crises caused by the computer glitch.
> The U.N. conference marked the first such gathering of Y2K coordinators
> from several nations, including many developing countries that lag far
> behind the United States in remediation efforts.
> Y2K refers to a programming glitch that will cause some computers, softwar=
> e
> programs and microprocessors to interpret the abbreviated date 00 as 1900
> rather than 2000. The result could be incorrect data processing and
> equipment malfunctions.

Is is (approximately) known how many percent of the owners of computer
systems have ever tried with some test cases to find out whether
their hardware/software could be susceptible to the Y2K problem?
I guess such tests would deliver some confidence intervals of
whether the problem could actually arise at 2000.

M. K. Shen