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Re: SNET: United Nations plans SWAT team training to "control" citizens in Y2K crash

At 10:15 AM 12/29/98 +0100, Mok-Kong Shen wrote:
--snip of magnanimous import--
>Is is (approximately) known how many percent of the owners of computer
>systems have ever tried with some test cases to find out whether
>their hardware/software could be susceptible to the Y2K problem?
>I guess such tests would deliver some confidence intervals of
>whether the problem could actually arise at 2000.

What, you trying to downplay the tumult and ? that y2k will cause??? the
fearmongerers will not be happy with you. They want everyone to be begging
them for mercy, safety, deliverance from the y2k bug. 

What? you say consumers should actually test their own shit? You forgot to
mention the outside consultants who should be brought in at xyz dollars per
hour. To think that Joel and Janice Consumer might actually be able to test
their own equipment for y2k compliance. 

y2k is coming, or else!!! (read, it will be manufactured if it does not
eventualize itself).

DH Key available upon request.

The affairs of Men rarely rely on the dictates of logic, or even common sense.

	"Yeah, they mostly rely on something below the belt."

				-- my older sister