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Re: SNET: United Nations plans SWAT team training to "control" citizens in Y2K crash

Reeza! wrote:

> Sorry, yes I am up-playing, for the sake of humor. No, I'm not a
> consultant, Yes I desire to earn money, and the real problem (as I see it)
> isn't with the hardware or software, it is with what people will do.
> Regardless of anything relevant or irrelevant, what the sheeple think can
> happen, what they see happen, what really does happen and how some of them
> will over-react to it.

aside from the humor (which I agree on) you might be right. someone said
not too long ago that the real y2k problem is in the people's mind. test
yourself: born in the summer of '68, the 70s, sign with name and date:
28.12.98 <signature>. people THINK two numbers, which might be the real
reason so much software is written using two bytes.